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Sandy Hoban


Sandy Hoban is a longtime educator, writer, wife and mother extraordinaire. If she’s not absorbed in a book, you might see Sandy out hiking the local trails or dancing to some live music. While a mountain mama at the core, she was born and raised a Jersey girl which has influenced the humorous and uplifting nat,ure of her personal narratives. You can reach Sandy at


Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood?

Neighbors are a unique lot. When you buy a home, especially in the foothills, you never quite know what you’re going to get. We have cabins next to mansions, modern architecture next to turn-of-the-century, commuters next to work-from-homers. If you’re lucky, you’ll...

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Prelude to the Bliss

Maybe it’s the rhythmic hush of the waves, the scent of sea salt, an absence of devices, or the fact that I’ve lived in a landlocked state most of my life, but I’m able to transport my brain to another dimension when I get near the ocean. This dimension is devoid of...

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A Led Zeppelin Kind of Day

A strange sensation in my back stirred me awake; the red digital clock read 2 am. My husband’s strong and rhythmic breathing led me to believe he was in the depths of slumber, so I stared at the crack in the ceiling above us, longing for exhaustion to take me. As my...

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Life’s a Beach

What is it about family that causes us to brave airline travel Armageddon to be together? I believe part of it is to reconnect with those who helped form us. The other part is to physically observe how everyone is faring and exposing ourselves to the wide circle of...

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Creak, Crackle, Pop

I’m beginning to recognize the subtle signs of aging in myself. For so long, I swept the annoying creaks and aches that accompanied my 40s under the carpet. Now, as I reach the latter part of these years, that carpet is beginning to swell with a slew of other fun...

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Sorry, Not Sorry

They say it takes 21 days to establish a new routine or habit. Typically, this applies to reducing sugar intake, biting nails or starting a new exercise routine. What about doing something for 19 years? Has anyone ever discussed how difficult it is to stop doing...

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After having hosted every single themed birthday celebration for my two kids, from Elmo to paint ball, I find myself ill prepared to give up on the excitement that comes with an upcoming birthday. While my older teenage children are past the themed birthday stage, I’m...

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But Wait! There’s More…!

I had a total of 32 hours to myself recently because my husband brought my teenage son with him on an overnight business trip and my daughter is off at college. I suppose you could really call it 21 hours due to the 11 hours spent sleeping. This is only because I...

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Phenomenal Women

Chocolate and decadent meals are typically the focus at this time of the year. If not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then to self-medicate against the “winter blues.” Ironically, at the same time, social media and advertising campaigns remind us that spring is around...

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The Trail

“ ...the woman was viscerally connected to the trail for more reasons than she could explain.”A mostly true story inspired by the following excerpt from Philip Levine’s poem “A Story:” a mother who stoodat the sink at all hoursand gazed longinglyto where the woods...

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Hurling Gifts

"How could Santa get gifts down here?!"“Let’s wait for Sandy Lee to do her business before we open any presents,” my mom would say after seeing my pale green face. From as early as I can remember, until I was about 8 years old, I would vomit every Christmas morning....

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Mask Musings

Unless you’re prepared for flying mashed potatoes and/or red faces with raised voices, I recommend not broaching the topic of mask mandates at your Thanksgiving table. For some reason, the topic seems to draw a visceral response from just about everyone. But let’s...

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