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Sandy Hoban


Sandy Hoban is a longtime educator, writer, wife and mother extraordinaire. If she’s not absorbed in a book, you might see Sandy out hiking the local trails or dancing to some live music. While a mountain mama at the core, she was born and raised a Jersey girl which has influenced the humorous and uplifting nature of her personal narratives. You can reach Sandy at


Smuggling Precious Cargo

I never expected to have 11 new roommates in my home office. It all started quite innocently, really. I was curled up on my couch, bored with my book, done with TV, and wondering how I could make some kind of difference in this world... how could I pay something...

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I’m alone... I’m alone! Is it just me or does being alone feel like winning the lottery? Like one of those gifts that causes squeaks and giggles? When I share with my mom friends that everyone is out of the house, their faces light up as they understand the glory and...

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