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Sandy Hoban


Sandy Hoban is a longtime educator, writer, wife and mother extraordinaire. If she’s not absorbed in a book, you might see Sandy out hiking the local trails or dancing to some live music. While a mountain mama at the core, she was born and raised a Jersey girl which has influenced the humorous and uplifting nature of her personal narratives. You can reach Sandy at


When COVID Knocks

Like a creeping beast, the virus sneaks in. First, a slight nagging headache, then, incessant lion yawns trick me into thinking my workout was too rough that morning. Sleep greets me earlier than usual and I welcome it with open arms. I’m forced awake by sharp aches...

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Domesticating Woodrow

I own a $15,000 dog. His name is Woodrow (aka Woody) and he’s an 8-year-old mutt we rescued through Evergreen Animal Protection League (EAPL). But if you ask him, he never needed rescuing. Actually, I have often wondered if this dog was meant to stay with us. He’s as...

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